Rudy’s Barbershop

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Such nice folks at Rudy’s Barbershop…they sent me a t-shirt in a neato little bag! Thanks a bunch!



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Hooray! My favorite record of the year is finally coming out for all of you to enjoy! Do yourself a huge favor and buy this record! This is my good pal Michael Orendy’s third full length record as FRANKEL and he’s truly outdone himself. Check out the artwork and some words from the man himself! Get more info at the PEANUT DUNGEON

I’m pleased to tell you that my new album, “Sugar Twists Like Hurricane” will be released on November 8th. For now, this is a digital only release (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Maybe you’ll find it on a torrent site for free or a friend will burn you a CD-R. All of the above are OK with me as long as you enjoy it. Hopefully sometime in 2012, these songs will make their way to the vinyl manufacturing plant. For now, this is what we have. Zeros and Ones and Dreams. 


P.S. In the meantime, you can stream a few songs here.




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Homecoming Queen

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Pics from Seattle/’Twin Peaks’/Portland/Astoria

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A Few More…

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Some Recent Photos…

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My new hero…I wish he could ride around with me while I rage about people’s lack of driving skills…

One for the Winos

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Well, Shelley is at it again.  She has been asked to create a piece of art on a wine bottle for the Bakersfield Museum of Art. ‘Winescapes‘ is an wine tasting event & auction, benefitting the museum’s art education programs, of 30 wine bottles that have been artistically transformed. Shelley has created a tattoo styled piece with waves/flowers/& koi fish. Go Shelley!




I Give You…The Bird

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Shelley was recently asked to contribute some artwork for a show at a friends gallery (Surface Gallery) consisting of local art educators.  She was featured in an article in the Bakersfield Californian about the show, but mostly about her (just the way she likes it!).  Her work can be viewed at the gallery until Feb. 28.  Check it out if you have a chance.  Here is one of the five pieces she did.  The others can be viewed with the article.


Daddy’s Drinkin’ Up Our Christmas

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Merry Christmas Time Everyone!!! Please enjoy the custom made Christmas mix tape (in digital form) especially for you. Time has flown by (as you can see by this year’s family portrait)!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The O’Bells

Chun Chun Chun Chun…

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  1. Richard Swift – Knee High Boogie Blues
  2. The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man
  3. John Vanderslice – Time To Go
  4. Elf Power – The Great Society
  5. The Concretes – Diana Ross
  6. Howe Gelb and Scout Niblett – I Want Candy/I Know What Boys Want/Who Do You Love/Not Fade Away 

Via Arte

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Well, the long weekend of Via Arte, the Italian street painting festival (held in Bakersfield, CA.), is over and we were awkwardly honored to accept the second place award for ‘original work.’  I say this because, in the 10 years that the festival has been happening and that Shelley & I have participated, we have never done our own original piece of artwork.  We have always picked a piece by an artist that we enjoy and reproduced it (sometimes with a little modification to make it work in the square/rectangle).  According to the judges, a ‘reproduction’ is a piece by a master artist (Van Gogh, Degas, Michelangelo, etc…), and an ‘original’ is a piece created by the artist themselves or of an artist that is not a master.  So, this was a little weird and we told the judges that we were uncomfortable with the award, but they assured us that it was okay (with the aforementioned distinctions) and that they would clarify these categories for next year.  

There were plenty of great pieces this year and so we were very honored that our piece was recognized in such company.  This has never been the reason why we participate in the festival every year.  It is about getting to work with, and next to, great artists, meeting new people, having a good time, and being part of an event that brings out loads of people to look at amazing artwork that is created right in front of them in 2-3 days.  

Thank you to Jesus, Amy, Stephanie,  & Natalie for taking your weekend (or some time out of it) to help Shelley & I do this again.  Without these talented artists help, I’m not sure we would be able to pull it off!

Original artists: Blaine Fontana


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  1. Tom Waits-In Shades
  2. The Coasters-Shopping For Clothes
  3. James Brown-Dirty Harri


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...Howdy do..