Rudy’s Barbershop

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Such nice folks at Rudy’s Barbershop…they sent me a t-shirt in a neato little bag! Thanks a bunch!




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Hooray! My favorite record of the year is finally coming out for all of you to enjoy! Do yourself a huge favor and buy this record! This is my good pal Michael Orendy’s third full length record as FRANKEL and he’s truly outdone himself. Check out the artwork and some words from the man himself! Get more info at the PEANUT DUNGEON

I’m pleased to tell you that my new album, “Sugar Twists Like Hurricane” will be released on November 8th. For now, this is a digital only release (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Maybe you’ll find it on a torrent site for free or a friend will burn you a CD-R. All of the above are OK with me as long as you enjoy it. Hopefully sometime in 2012, these songs will make their way to the vinyl manufacturing plant. For now, this is what we have. Zeros and Ones and Dreams. 


P.S. In the meantime, you can stream a few songs here.




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Homecoming Queen

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Pics from Seattle/’Twin Peaks’/Portland/Astoria

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A Few More…

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